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lighting for lockdown

If there was ever a time when we needed to cheer ourselves up with some well-deserved lighting and colour, it’s now. And here’s the good news; you don’t have to be an expert interior decorator or need expensive quantities of paint to transform your living space and make that gorgeous colour change happen. All you need to know is the secret of painting with light.


The first thing to talk about is colour.

Smart LED colour-changing light bulbs let you change the look and feel of a room at the touch of an app, or you could ask Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to do it for you. There are 16 million different colours you can choose from (so you’ll never run out of options) and you can even arrange the lights into separate groups to independently control their brightness, colour and transitions settings.

Just imagine – simply by using the app or giving Alexa an instruction, you could create entirely different areas of lighting all in the same room! If you’ve got an open-plan lounge/kitchen, you could give the order and instantly dim the lights in the lounge while simultaneously brightening the lights while you work in the kitchen! You could ask Alexa to make the spotlights over the fireplace orange and the wall light beside your favourite chair red or set the skirting board lights in the hallway so they’ll provide just enough illumination when you’re heading to the fridge for your midnight snack. And the sky is the limit to the dramatic colour effects you could achieve when you’re throwing a party!

Colour-changing light bulbs are great for our sense of wellbeing, too. At a time like this, when we’re all doing our best to stay healthy and positive during the COVID-19 lockdown, the benefits of colour-changing bulbs are more evident than ever. Many of our customers are setting their colour-changing bedside light, so it automatically turns on first thing in the morning and then gradually increases its hue and brightness, so they wake up more naturally. They’ve also discovered that setting their bedroom light to an orange hue just before they go to sleep means they get a much better nights rest (and the light switches off all on its own.)


Feel like easing gently into the day? Setting your colour-changing lights to green will quickly relax you and soothe your mind and body, as well as enhance your focus and concentration. Some studies have even suggested that green light can help manage pain and reduce the intensity of migraines and headaches. Want to get productive? Choose purple light and instantly feel more creative and inspired. Want the room to be warmer and more welcoming? That’s easy – turn the lights to orange or yellow. A gentle amber light is perfect for a nursery (avoid blue light, because that can disrupt your infant’s sleep) and, for a children’s bedroom, red light is the calming way to go.


If you’re anything like us, you’re probably making this self-isolation more bearable by video-calling your friends and family and taking part in face-time quizzes, group-watching TV, or celebrating birthdays from a distance. This is another area where colour changing lighting really comes into its own, letting you share the fun by changing the lighting mood for every occasion.


Even if you don’t have colour-changing lights, you can still use the lighting you currently own to begin transforming your home. The key thing to remember is, don’t over-complicate it. Look at each room individually and picture how a subtle combination of task lighting and accent lighting could improve it.

Task lighting is lighting that illuminates a specific area, like a desk lamp or a table light. It’s usually portable so you can direct and focus the light on wherever it’s needed. Table lamps and floor lamps are excellent for task lighting, and a great way to set the mood to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Accent lighting draws the eye towards objects or design elements that you specifically want to emphasise (like placing a small spotlight over a vase on a fireplace, so that the vase is illuminated more than the surrounding décor.) You can also use accent lamps or up-lights to illuminate a specific space (like a bedroom wall or alcove) so that the light becomes a focal point in the room and creates an interesting effect with angles and shadows.

When you mix task lighting and accent lighting with the ambient lighting that’s already in your home (ambient lighting includes natural light as well as your standard room lights), you can produce simple but really eye-catching effects. All it takes is time, imagination, and a bit of patience while you move lights and objects around to create the perfect interior design statement – all without picking up a paintbrush!

Why not give it a go today? You can always add those all-important finishing touches (like some stylish light fittings or a couple of fabulous designer lampshades from your friends at Oliver Lamps) when the lockdown is over, and your favourite lighting shop is open again!


Even though we’ve had to close our shop during this lockdown, please don’t forget that we’re still here to answer your phone and email enquiries and we’ll always help if we can. We’re also keeping our website and Facebook page regularly updated to give you the latest information and, we hope, a little bit of inspiration! Stay safe, have fun painting with light, and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon.

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