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“Superb service” and speedy troubleshooting? It’s all in a day’s work at Oliver Lamps

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Sometimes, despite the best-laid plans, things go wrong. When that happens, the litmus test of whether you’re dealing with the right supplier or installer is how hard they’ll work to put the problem right.

(And, by the way, anyone who tells you that what they provide will never, ever go wrong is not to be trusted. Failures sometimes happen, especially where electrical appliances are concerned. That’s just a fact of life.)

Here’s an example of an unexpected issue we faced while working with a very big client just as COVID arrived and we had to act fast to correct it. If you’re currently working with an installer/supplier who isn’t Oliver Lamps, ask yourself this question while you read it: would your present installer do this for you too? If the answer’s no, get in touch and let’s talk!

A big job with a small timeframe

Our client had 3,000 halogen light bulbs they wanted to replace with energy-saving LEDs as quickly as possible, and all in one go so that it wouldn’t impact their daily operation. This was in early 2020, and just as we were about to visit the client to undertake the site survey the pandemic hit, which meant we couldn’t go to their premises in person. Instead, the client remotely took us through the building via a Zoom video chat so we could assess their needs and plan the installation remotely, which was far from an ideal situation. However, it did mean that, as soon as our team was allowed to go inside, we’d have everything we needed to get the job done.

Or so we thought.

The problem was when we were finally able to enter the building and replace and install the 3,000 lights, we discovered that a couple of the new LED bulbs didn’t work. As we mentioned in a recent blog, that occasionally happens but it’s very rare. In fact, when you do the maths and work out what the failure rate of two LEDs out of 3000 is, it comes to 0.0666666667%. When you consider that the lighting industry standard for LED lamp failure is 3%, and the industry standard for the ‘acceptable rate of failure’ of electronic devices is between 10%-15%, it gives you an idea of how tiny the problem we had to deal with was.

Still, even though it was a tiny failure rate, it still wasn’t acceptable. We’d made a commitment to the client to get everything installed without any glitches, and we were focused on keeping it.

We immediately contacted our supplier and asked them to send us replacement bulbs as a matter of urgency, so we could install them before our team left the site. That’s something we’re able to do, here at Oliver Lamps. In fact, when we select our partners and suppliers, ‘seamless efficiency’ and ‘fast response times’ are two boxes they’ve got to be able to tick.

The result? The replacement LEDs arrived on site the very next day which meant the mammoth task of replacing and installing 3000 lights was completed in the agreed timescale, and our client wasn’t aware there had even been an issue.

Of course, if the job had been a lot smaller – let’s say a conventional office building or sports hall with only a few dozen lights to install – our team probably wouldn’t have still been on site when the replacements arrived the next day. But, if that ever happens, we’ll always pull out all the stops to install the replacements asap or the lighting supplier will pay for the on-site installation as part of our partnership agreement. Either way, there’s no extra cost to the customer and the inconvenience is always kept to a minimum.

Something else to remember: our lighting is also covered by a seven-year manufacturer’s guarantee so if anything goes wrong within those seven years the appliance will be replaced with no questions asked and a new seven-year warranty will immediately take effect. That means you’ve always got peace of mind that if something unexpected kills your bulbs (the majority of LED failures are actually caused by extreme energy spikes, not by problems within the bulb itself) Oliver Lamps has always got you covered.

Here’s a quick testimonial from another very satisfied client:

We purchased product for an install at local council offices. Upon installation, one of the items failed. I called Colin @ Oliver Lamps, advised of the issue and the following day we had a replacement delivered directly to site! Meaning no time lost due to return visits to site. 

A superb service, resolved by one simple phone call.

Mark Worraker

Operations Director

J Cook LTD 

If you’d like to find out more about our first-class lighting and energy products and/or our expert and hassle-free installation service, give us a call on 01328 855028, send us an email at [email protected], or pop into our showroom at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, NR21 9DY. We’re looking forward to giving you top-quality products, high-quality service, and absolutely priceless peace of mind!

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