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Seen a light you loved but don’t know where it came from? We’ve got a challenge for you!

light detectives

Have you ever gone to an Airbnb, a hotel, a restaurant… well, pretty much anywhere!… and saw an unusual light bulb or light fitting that you thought was really cool?

Have you ever looked at that bulb, light fitting or lampshade and thought, “That would look great in our house! I wonder where they got that?” or, “Wow, something like that would make a fantastic Christmas present for [insert lucky person’s name here]”?

Well, it happened to one of our customers a few weeks ago. They were spending a few days in an Airbnb on the beautiful North Norfolk coast and saw a pendant light shade hanging in the kitchen that they really liked the look of. They hadn’t seen anything even remotely similar to it before, and they asked the owner if they knew where it had come from. The owner didn’t, but they were pretty sure their interior designer had sourced it from somewhere local.

So, instead of having a relaxing holiday and soaking up the last of this year’s brilliant sunshine, our intrepid customers scoured through all the lighting and home decorating shops in the area to track the pendant shade down.

Did they find it? Not a chance!

Did the owner take pity on them and contact the interior designer to ask where they got it? You bet!

Did the interior designer remember where they got it? Not a chance part two!

And that’s when our footsore and disheartened customers had a genius idea! They took a photo of the pendant shade on their smartphone and, as soon as their holiday was over, they brought it into our showroom and asked us if we’d ever seen it before.

No, we hadn’t. In fact, we’d never seen anything remotely like it either, although we could understand why our customers loved it so much.

But you know how much your friends at Oliver Lamps love a challenge, so you won’t be surprised to hear we immediately went into full Sherlock Holmes mode to try and track it down. It took us a while but eventually, we found it.

And guess what?

Now, the exact same pendant lampshade our customers fell in love with during their holiday has got pride of place in their own kitchen! Not only that, but we managed to get it for them at a bargain price too.

And that gave us a bright idea!

The next time you’re out and about and see something lighting-related that you’d really like to own for yourself, take a photo of it (preferably a few photos from different angles, especially if it’s something unusual), bring it into our showroom at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, and we’ll do our very best to hunt and gather it for you! Or, if you can’t visit our showroom personally, email the photo to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch!

Go on… give us a challenge! What have you got to lose?!

Breaking Oliver Lamps News!

Everybody loves a home furnishing that’s been handmade because we know nothing like it exists anywhere else.

And that goes double when you’ve been involved in the handmaking process yourself, by picking out the fabric your unique handmade item is made from.

That’s why our fabulous new handmade lampshades have become really popular with our customers because they’ve got the added advantage you can come into our shop and select your own fabric to make it extra special. You can even order matching cushions too!

Want to find out more? You know where we are, and we’d love to see you! Alternatively, drop us an email, use the contact form on our website, or give our eager-to-please experts a call on 01328 855028.

Come back soon for our Halloween Spooktacular!

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