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Our top five outdoor lighting ideas

garden lighting

Let’s talk outdoor lighting. In our last blog, we covered the (erm) groundwork of what you should consider before setting up your outdoor lighting, including zoning your garden into areas, keeping track of the daylight in your garden throughout the day, and the importance of installing outdoor lighting very carefully.

Today, as promised, we’re going to inspire your imagination and let your creativity run wild!

The perfection of pendant lights

A pendant light usually hangs from the ceiling, and they’re most commonly used indoors in places like the kitchen and bathroom to highlight specific areas over the sink or countertops. But don’t waste them by keeping them inside because pendant lights can also look great in your garden!

You could try hanging multiple pendant lights from your pergola or gazebo to make a stylish statement. Not only will the pendants add height, but they’ll also nicely delineate a dining or seating area and make it look and feel extra magical after night falls! Why not add some climbing foliage as well, with a few fairy lights strung through it to create a shimmering firefly-like glow? That extra touch of greenery will add fantastic texture and (depending on the plants you choose) cast some very atmospheric shadows!

Alternatively, you could suspend strings of festoon lights above your patio dining area to give your garden that bewitching Midsummer Nights Dream vibe…

…or why not get highly strung (but in a good way!) by dropping a twinkly curtain of string lights from the top of a canopy or in a sweep from the level of the lower window ledge to the ground to create a cascading waterfall effect?

Don’t fence yourself in!

Let’s be honest – plain garden fences and garden walls are incredibly dull. Also, if you’ve got a relatively small garden, they can make you feel hemmed in, too – especially when the darkness begins to creep in. That’s where outdoor lighting can help.

Hanging festoon lights can really make a difference, especially if the festoon lights are in such bright colours that they distract your eye from the plainness of the wall or fence. You could even pair them up with lanterns, which is also a clever way to concentrate your lighting on the main seating area instead of attempting to illuminate the entire garden.

Bring your inside-outside.

It might sound weird, but blending your indoor décor with your outdoor décor is starting to become a really popular trend. With the patio or conservatory doors open, bringing your indoors outdoors can also create a dynamic free-flowing effect.

How do you do it? That’s easy! Bring out an armchair and a side table, and then illuminate them with a garden floor lamp or table lamp. Add a comfy stool to rest your feet on, and you’ve got yourself the perfect outdoors hideaway!

Use fairy lights to branch out your favourite greenery.

Have you got a tree in your garden? What happens when the season changes and the leaves start falling? Suddenly, you’ve got a naked tree that could still look dazzling if you apply a bit of lighting know-how!

Want to know how? 😊 It couldn’t be easier!

All you’ve got to do is wrap some fairy lights around its trunk and bigger branches, and you’ve got yourself a festive garden centrepiece that will look terrific until the leaves grow back again next year. And then, with that awesome combination of fairy lights and rustling leaves, the tree will be a stand-out that always looks a little bit different every time you admire it. Or how about setting the fairy lights to twinkle, so it feels like Christmas the whole year round? Please don’t overdo it, though. Remember, less is almost always more where lighting is concerned, and no one wants to see a front or back garden that looks like it’s permanently awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus!

Sometimes it’s good to get uppity!

We’ve already mentioned how versatile uplights can be in our previous blogs, and carefully placed uplights can look terrific in your garden too. You could also use them to illuminate paths, steps and other obstacles so that your visitors can walk safely around your garden in the dark.

Try adding coloured uplights to your flower beds and set your smart timer so that the uplight slowly becomes brighter as the sky grows steadily darker. That way, you can keep appreciating the shapes and colours of your plants long after nightfall has made other parts of your garden invisible. You could also place uplights around the perimeter of your patio to create a warm glow that subtly separates your seating and dining area from the rest of the garden. If you’ve decorated your fence or trailed it with plants or ivy, uplighting can add a dramatic effect to that too.

You’ll find all the lighting inspiration you need to make your garden gorgeous right here at Oliver Lamps, and if there’s anything you want that we don’t currently stock, all you’ve got to do is ask!  Just pop into our sensational showroom at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, call us on 01328 855028, or email [email protected] and our friendly expert team will do the rest! With our fabulous range of lighting and furnishings, excellent service and competitive prices, you’ll never have a better excuse to transform your home and garden just in time for the height of summer!

What room will we be highlighting in our next blog? All we’re going to say is, LED lighting is a great way to conserve-atory your energy!

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