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How Oliver Lamps Saved Christmas

‘‘Twas the night before Christmas
And we’re sorry to say
That when Santa reached Fakenham
The lights failed on his sleigh

“Oh no this is terrible”, Santa said to his crew
“Because without lights to see by
All the little boys and girls of England won’t get their presents this year…”
“What about my nose?” asked Rudolph.
“Sorry to break this to you but it’s not much brighter than a halogen bulb,” replied Santa, “What we need is the brilliant brightness and energy and cost saving power of LED.”
“Let’s get on with the poem,” said an elf.

‘‘Twas then that they saw,
Shining warmly below,
The shop window of Oliver Lamps,
And Santa knew where to go.

“What an excellent store!”
Santa exclaimed with joy,
“And they don’t just sell great lighting
These home furnishings… oh boy!”

(“He’s pushing his luck with this rhyming thing now,” said Donner to Blitzen.
“And Rudolph’s really got the hump over that comment about his nose,” Blitzen said to Donner.
And wondered, not for the first time, why whenever he talked to Donner he felt inexplicably hungry for a kebab.)

“So thanks to Oliver Lamps
Santa could see where to go
He sailed back up to the sky
With a jolly “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

And all the sleeping girls and boys
Got their Christmas gifts and toys
Although some of them woke up early
Because having a bunch of LED lights on a sleigh shining right through your window at one o’clock in the morning is enough to give anyone a bad night’s sleep.

So please remember to switch your LED lights off when you’re not using them, everybody.
It saves energy. It saves money. And it’s better for the planet.”


(Copyright: Charles Dickens, Fakenham, 1879, after a long night of cheese and dodgy prosecco)

Happy Christmas everybody!

Well, it’s been another strange ol’ twelve months but this is the season to celebrate the good times and look forward to the even better. So, when you look back over 2021, what’s your favourite memory? We took a random poll of the terrific team at Oliver Lamps and here’s what they said:

Sarah’s favourite memory of this year? “We won the Christmas Window Competition.”

Lucy: “Happy to be back full-time and feeling a lot more involved again.”

Jade: “The first day back in the office after lockdown and seeing everyone’s smiley faces and greeting our lovely customers again”

And we are all looking forward to a relaxing Christmas and a prosperous new year!

But one thing’s for sure.

We’ve got the best customers, clients and friends any lighting emporium could ever wish for (ooh… emporium… we’re getting a bit Christmas Carol now!) and we want to thank you all for your custom, support, and overall brilliantness throughout this weird but occasionally wonderful year.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again in the new year and helping to make your 2022 as light and bright as possible!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year, everybody!

See you in January!

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