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Home furnishings! Go on, treat yourself

Norfolk home furnishings

Let’s talk about home furnishings! But first, thank you to everyone who responded so brilliantly to our last blog about pets and lighting, and especially to the story about Barley and his nightlight!

We hope you enjoyed Barley’s story as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you. He’s suddenly become quite the celebrity since the blog was published; in fact, he’s working on his paw-tograph right now. It’s important to get it right, and it isn’t easy to sign a paw-tograph when you’re in a nightclub with your sunglasses on, so Barley’s putting in the practice so that he doesn’t disappoint his fans. 😊

Luckily, even though lockdown’s easing, it looks like there’ll still be quite a while to go before his first official public appearance, but you might see him in our shop from time to time if you’re very lucky!

Seriously, though, it’s lovely to know Barley’s story connected with so many people. If your pet ever has a difficult time and needs some help calming down when you’re asleep or not around, we hope you’ll remember Barley and his nightlight buddy. Who knows, it might help your pet feel better too!

In the meantime, we’ve been so inspired by all the talk about pets that we’ve stocked up on some beautiful new furnishings to continue our animal theme. You might have seen some photographs of our in-store display on our Facebook page.

Why stock home furnishings?

The thing is, although we’ll never stop being the UK’s premier LED light specialists, we’re also pretty handy with interior design at Oliver Lamps! That’s why, during the lockdown, we partnered up with some of East Anglia’s very best craftspeople and home furnishings experts so that we can offer you the most gorgeous luxury items at extremely generous non-luxury prices! We’ve always wanted to do as much as we can to support other small businesses, as well as provide you with the kind of high-quality, lovingly designed and produced items that only artisans who are passionate about what they do can make, and now some of those products are finally here.

We’ve also been surprised by how many of our customers love bees! Our fabulous bee cushions created such a buzz they flew out the door faster than a yellow-and-black-striped Usain Bolt being chased by the honey monster! If you missed out (and we were sad to hear that quite a few of you did), please keep checking back in because we’re doing our very best to source some more.

However, if you’ve got a soft spot for birds, parrots, hares, and flowers, we’ve still got lots of cushions here that will make your day. They’re outstanding quality and great to snuggle up to (ask Barley!) and, at just £15 each, we’d recommend snapping them up before stocks run out.

Don’t forget your lampshades

In other animal-themed news, our unique handcrafted lampshades from our friends at Franklin Furnishings have been a massive hit, especially the dachshund lampshade with a price that’s almost as small as the cute little fellas covering it (£35). Plus, we’ve got a wonderful collection of rugs and throws on offer at £20 and £15 respectively, and now that everyone’s starting to go outside a bit more, we’re also stocking some fantastic duck or tortoise decorative door stops (£12)! They’re all in our shop at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, right now, and we’ve got full social distancing and COVID-19 safety measures in place, so why not drop in and take a look? We’d love to see you, and although our coffee machine is still unfortunately out of bounds (for very obvious reasons!), you’re always guaranteed an extremely warm welcome.

Oh, and while you’re here, why not pick up a stylish money-and-energy-saving LED light bulb (or two, or three, or a dozen) as well?! We’ve currently got a great offer on decorative LED bulbs – they’re only £3 each while stocks last – so don’t miss out!

In our next blog, we’ll be talking about pairing lighting and home furnishings together to create the perfect ambience. We look forward to seeing you then!

P.S. Barley says, “Woof!”

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