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Energy bill worries? Don’t get hoodwinked by cowboy deals

energy bill cowboys

Energy bills are rocketing. We’re all looking for the best ways to save money, and there are a lot of cowboys out there offering sensational energy deals that are too good to be true. Except the customers who fall for those deals don’t realise they’ve been sold a pig-in-a-poke until it’s too late, and by that time, the cowboys have galloped off into the sunset, and there’s usually nothing they can do about it.

Some deals are too good to be true

Right now, because of all the concern and confusion surrounding rising fuel prices and the increasing need to find cheaper, more sustainable forms of energy to keep our homes, vehicles, and businesses running, a lot of cowboys are taking full advantage of the situation by hooking people on energy solutions that seem like a great deal but are actually inferior products poorly installed with no degree of customer care and no follow-up service when things go wrong.

The same goes with products like lighting (bulbs, fittings, and/or installation); smart tech; home security; electrical appliances; even those fly-by-nights who show up at your door with an unbeatable offer to slash your energy bills by installing ultra-cheap super-duper new windows.

Please don’t fall for any of it.

The thing about cowboys is that they’re only focused on chasing the next job. They hook their victims in on price, deliver sub-standard results, and then move on quickly before word gets around what bandits they are.

How do you avoid getting ripped off by cowboys? It’s easy.

Only work with a company or a supplier that’s very well-established and has a reputation you can trust, like Oliver Lamps.

Oliver Lamps is a third-generation family-run business with over sixty years of experience in the lighting industry. When you buy lighting from us, you can be confident you’re purchasing the very best quality at the very best price. It’s precisely the same with everything else we offer, including EV charging, solar charging, and lighting installation; our knowledge, expertise, and customer service are second-to-none, and we only work with partners and suppliers who can guarantee the same.

Don’t focus on price at the expense of quality.

If you want good quality, you’ll probably have to pay a little more for it, but never forget that buying cheap is always buying twice. We’ve recently read a lot of stories in the newspapers and on social media sites like LinkedIn about people who purchased products a year ago and sometimes paid a hefty premium for, only to discover it’s a load of rubbish and the company that installed it has disappeared into thin air. That kind of scam is very, very big right now.

When you pay a little bit more money for quality, you’re saving a lot more money in the long run.

Buying from Oliver Lamps means you’re buying with the confidence you’re getting a high-quality product or service that is fully backed up by the full manufacturer guarantee. In the unlikely event that anything you purchase from us fails under warranty, you’ll be able to repair or replace it without any hassle. In fact, a lot of the product we install is also covered by a five- or seven-year warranty with the first one or two years covered on-site, giving you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, it will be put right quickly with no arguments.

Partnerships are the secret to our success

Oliver Lamps was founded when entrepreneurial publican Harold Oliver travelled to London to source elegant lighting for his north Norfolk gastropub. After talking with some of the lighting industry’s most prominent players, Harold didn’t just return with the high-quality bulbs he needed for the Rose & Crown; he’d also started to establish the partnerships that would take Harold and his wife, Muriel, on an utterly unexpected journey…

…founding Oliver Lamps and turning it into one of the UK’s most trusted and respected independent lighting specialists.

At Oliver Lamps, we take exceptional care in selecting the lighting suppliers, EV manufacturers, solar innovators, and other providers and artisans we work with. We do our research, we only work with partners who share the same high standards we do, and even though we’re a company with very old-fashioned values of quality and customer service, we’re never afraid to change things up to give our customers the best deals and results. Whatever you buy from us – whether it’s a single LED bulb, an EV charger, or a complete lighting installation – you’ll always receive the best quality, care, customer service, and after-sales support, not just from your team at Oliver Lamps, but from all of our partners and suppliers too.

You’ll also only have one point of contact if you’ve got any enquiries or something goes wrong, so you’ll never be given the run-around, and you’ll always know who to talk to to get the problem sorted. Not only that, but we’ll also always respond quickly and take full responsibility for putting things right.

And, while we’re on the subject of things going wrong…

If anyone says that what you buy from them will never go wrong, don’t believe it.

Because if you do, and when it goes wrong, you’ll either a) be left with something you can’t use anymore, that the company you bought it from won’t take responsibility for repairing or replacing, or b) have the hassle, stress, and inconvenience of going into a dispute with the company until your problem’s fixed… if it ever is.

There’s no use in pretending that failures never happen. Lights, EV chargers, smart tech etc., are all electronic and, like any other type of electronics you’d buy – a tv or a microwave, for example – they could go wrong at any time.

However, we can assure you that, in our experience, failures aren’t habitual. It’s extremely rare for one of our products to go wrong, but you won’t need to worry if it does. We’re there for you, we’ll give you our full support, and we’ll do whatever needs to be done to put it right. As we mentioned a moment ago, everything we supply also has full backup from the manufacturer, so you’re covered for every eventuality.

Even though we’re a small company, Oliver Lamps always gives you a lot more than you’d get anywhere else on the high street.

From the first moment you contact us or walk into our showroom, we’ll do everything we can to make you comfortable, answer your questions, provide what you need, and always be here to help. We’re highly responsive too. For example, our sales team recently received a lighting enquiry from a business, and we were able to visit their premises, make an inspection, go back to our warehouse and then return to the customer with a selection of different solutions all in the same day. That’s not the kind of service you’re likely to find elsewhere, and we’re very proud of it.

When it comes to LED lighting, EV charging, energy sustainability, smart tech, and home decoration, Oliver Lamps is your one-stop-shop! Just pop into our showroom at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, NR21 9DY, call us on 01328 855028, or send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll do the rest!

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