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Change to LED and save 70% on your lighting bill

LED lights

The world has changed a lot over the past few years, and energy prices have soared to scary levels.

At times like these, we all need to do everything we can to make savings, and that’s why upgrading your home and business lighting to more efficient LED should be at the top of everybody’s list.

Yes, it will require a small upfront investment to change over from conventional bulbs to Oliver Lamps’ high-quality LEDs because LEDs are a little bit more expensive, but the tremendous energy savings you’ll achieve are more than worth the expense.

Not only will changing to LED slash your lighting electricity consumption by up to 70%-80% over an energy-guzzling halogen or incandescent bulb, but LED bulbs last a lot longer too. Most LED bulbs have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours which, compared to the measly 1000 – 2000 hour lifespan of halogens and incandescents, means you shouldn’t have to splash out on a replacement LED until ten years after your original purchase! Don’t forget that all the lighting you buy from Oliver Lamps is fully guaranteed and covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, so in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong during that time, it will be replaced free of charge with absolutely no hassles.

Also, if you’re concerned about how much time and difficulty upgrading to LED will involve, most luminaires can be easily retrofitted with LED without having to replace the fitting. Just pop into our showroom, give us a call, or drop us an email if you’ve got any concerns or questions, and our expert team will tell you everything you need to know.

Finally, don’t forget that we also offer free site surveys for larger LED upgrades. All you’ve got to do is ask!

21st Century quality and savings with friendly, old-fashioned customer service

In these days of online shopping, click & collect, self-service and door-to-door delivery, buying the things you want has become an increasingly impersonal and contactless experience.

Sometimes that’s okay. For example, when it’s just your every day or weekly groceries you’re buying, it’s unlikely you’ll need any advice when you’re doing it, although there’s still a lot to be said for the face-to-face smiling service you’ll receive at a smaller shop as opposed to the stack ’em high-sell ‘em quick attitude you’ll get at most larger stores.

But, when it comes to a more involved purchase like home or business lighting, wouldn’t it be more reassuring to know that you’re getting your purchase right first time, and there will always be support available if something doesn’t work? Or that there will always be someone knowledgeable in-store or on the other end of the phone who can answer your questions and maybe even direct you to a better product for your needs?

Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that what you’ve bought is a genuine quality product, even though you might have to pay a little more for it (but not always)? After all, where’s the saving in paying cheaper for lower quality and then having to keep replacing it? That’s not the way to save your hard-earned money. On the contrary, it’s flushing your money down the drain.

A lot of people think a light bulb is just a light bulb, but not all light bulbs are created equal. Some are more efficient than others, some contain better components than others, and some have a more superior quality of light than others. Unless you’re an expert (like us), it’s usually impossible to detect the difference, but the cumulative effect of lesser quality light on your health and eyesight is huge. Whether you’re buying new LEDs for your home or workplace, study, shed, or children’s bedroom, don’t you want to be sure that you’re purchasing and living with the best quality light available?

You’ll always find the best-quality lighting combined with friendly, old-fashioned customer service and aftercare (plus competitive prices and terrific savings) at Oliver Lamps. It’s why we’ve got such a fantastic reputation and why so many of our satisfied customers keep coming back to us month after month, year after year, and sometimes even decade after decade!

For all your lighting needs, pop into our showroom at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, call us on 01328 855028, or email [email protected] to find out more. We’ll always be here with dazzling offers and illuminating advice to brighten your day!

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