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How sustainable are you?


This year, July 28 is World Nature Conservation Day 2022.

World Nature Conservation Day is an annual global event which is held every year on July 28. Its message is a simple one: because human activities during the last century have devastated our natural resources, environment and wildlife, we each need to do everything we can to battle climate change, save our animals and plants from the threat of extinction, and create a stable and healthy society.

World Nature Conservation Day highlights our individual responsibility to preserve our environment for future generations and leave a healthy planet for those who come after us to enjoy.

But that’s enough of the preaching!

Did you know that East Anglia, where Oliver Lamps is based, is at the forefront of the UK’s fight to end global warming?

That’s right, many of the world’s leading climate change scientists are working right here on our doorstep, at the University of East Anglia, and one of their most recent findings is that ‘limiting global warming by just 1.5 degrees C could reduce risks to humans by up to 85%’.

You can read it all here if you want to learn more about it.

Okay, so reducing global warming by 1.5 degrees C is obviously easier said than done, but you can do your bit to achieve it, and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

All you’ve got to do is stick by the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reduce, and Recycle) in your everyday life.

  • Upgrade your expensive and inefficient, energy-guzzling incandescent bulbs to planet and wallet-friendly LED!
  • Reduce your reliance on the national grid and fossil fuels by converting to cleaner, cheaper, and more sustainable forms of energy, like electric vehicles (EV) and solar power. Want to know how? All you’ve got to do is give us a call or drop into our showroom at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, to find out more! For example, at Oliver Lamps, we can help you with all your electric car charging needs, including fully warranted approved installation and unbeatable finance options. And, as far as solar power is concerned, we’re working with the best solar innovators in the business. If you’ve never seriously considered solar energy or thought about it and then decided it was too technical or expensive for you, this is the time to think again! With petrol and energy prices going through the roof and no sign of an end in sight, our expert teams and business partners have never been so busy. Don’t get left behind or wait too long and find yourself at the back of the queue; talk to us today and discover all the great options and deals we’ve got available!
  • Turn off lights when you’re not using them, and power down all your computers and other electrical appliances at the end of the day (unless it’s necessary to keep them on standby.)
  • Be mindful of the amount of water you’re consuming and reduce your water use wherever possible.
  • Cut down on plastic waste, recycle your packaging, and buy products and packaging made from sustainable or biodegradable materials as much as possible. Enjoy a sneaky takeaway now and again? Please buy it from a vendor who uses sustainable takeout packaging. Look forward to a quick hit of java to supercharge your morning? Why not take your own reusable cup to the coffee shop to fill up? A lot of them will reward you when you do!

Don’t forget that we can help you with your recycling too! If you ever throw out any of your old light bulbs – even the ones that no longer work – bring them into our showroom at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, and we’ll recycle them for you.

Still think this all sounds like a lot of hard work, considering the future is so far away? (Even though it isn’t, the crazy heatwave we’ve been experiencing this month proves that!)

Well, if you live where we are in Norfolk or Suffolk, all you’ve got to do – yet again! – is look locally to see living proof of why energy conservation and world nature conservation are so worth it.

For example, how beautiful is this rare addax calf recently born at Africa Alive?

Or this even more recent arrival of another critically endangered species?

And, just to remember that Christmas miracles do happen…

All these species, and hundreds of thousands more, are close to extinction in other parts of our planet, but here, in wonderful East Anglia, they’re being given the opportunity to survive and thrive.

Oh, and just in case you think that Africa Alive is the only place where this important work is happening, it isn’t. Call us biased, but our region is home to some of the most incredible nature and wildlife in the UK, from the butterflies fluttering around The Broads to the gorgeous grey seals on Horsey beach to the four different species of deer you might be lucky enough to glimpse roaming through Thetford Forest… and so much more!

The bottom line is that this is an amazing world, and if you’re local to Oliver Lamps, you’re lucky enough to live in one of the most stunning parts of it. Why not join us in our mission to keep it that way?

If you want to find out more about Oliver Lamps’ LED, EV, or solar, but can’t visit our showroom in person, give us a call on 01328 855028 or email [email protected]. Our friendly team will always be delighted to help!

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How can YOU make big savings by installing LED?

LED savings

Regular readers already know how passionate we are about LED’s energy-saving, money-saving, and planet-saving benefits.

On top of that, we’ve already mentioned how changing to LED could slash your electricity consumption (and bills) by up to 70%-80%.

Plus, there’s more! Whereas halogens and incandescent bulbs only offer a minuscule 1000-2000 hours lifespan, most LEDs have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and even more. Even though upgrading to LED will probably cost you a tiny fraction more initially, you won’t have to buy a replacement LED bulb for another ten years! That’s a whole 3,650 days’ worth of high-quality, environmentally friendly light that’s better for your health, easily Smart controllable, and cheap as chips to run. And, in the extremely rare off-chance that anything you purchase from Oliver Lamps lets you down, it’s all covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and our no-hassle customer service guarantee. After all, it’s incredible quality and outstanding customer service that our long-running reputation is built on!

Want to know some more facts about the life-changing benefits of LED for you, your family, and the well-being of our planet?

  • Here’s some quick energy-saving maths: whereas a traditional incandescent bulb might use 40 watts, an LED bulb will only use 5 watts to get the same results. That means, if your energy rate is £0.20 per kWh (kilowatt-hour), the LED bulb would cost only £20 over its lifetime. Compare that to the bank account-bashing £160 the incandescent bulb would cost you over the same period!
  • Besides being more energy efficient and helping you lower your energy bills, LED bulbs emit virtually no heat, making them much safer to use than traditional incandescents.
  • LED bulbs offer fantastic versatility and colour choice. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can place them virtually anywhere you choose, operate them via a dimmer switch or remotely, and select the colour temperature that will give your home or workspace the perfect atmosphere.
  • Unlike slow-as-a-snail incandescents, LED bulbs don’t take time to warm up. They’re bright from the moment you switch them on and have much more efficient light dispersal, so you can easily direct the light towards wherever it’s needed.

For maximum comfort and efficiency, it’s essential to match the bulb’s colour with the task you’re using it for. For lighting around the house, ‘warm white’ or ‘soft white’ bulbs are usually the best. For lighting an office space, ‘cool white’ bulbs are typically what you need. If you’ve got any doubts or questions, all you’ve got to do is ask! Our friendly experts are always here to help and won’t leave any stone (or bulb!) unturned until you’re completely satisfied.

Another thing to take notice of is the CRI number which is always printed on the bulb’s packaging. CRI means ‘Colour Rendering Index’, and you’ll most likely find it next to the lumen number. Generally, a mid-range CRI of 80 or above is suitable for most household uses. But, if you’re doing-especially detailed work and need to see the colours around you more accurately, a CRI of 90 or higher is better.

Still think LED sounds too good to be true?

Put us to the test!

Bring one of your incandescent bulbs to our fabulous 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, showroom, and we’ll be delighted to give you a real-time demonstration of how much money and energy upgrading your bulb to LED could save you! That’s because we’ve got a fab lighting box gizmo in store that we can plug your incandescent into to show you a side-by-side comparison of how much electricity it costs compared to LED.

While you’re there, don’t forget we also carry a wide range of electrical accessories, including dimmer switches, rocker switches and sockets, bespoke lampshades, and fabulous Smart tech to make your lighting life simpler! And if we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we’ll be delighted to source it for you. Even if you can’t visit us in person, we’re only a phone call (01328 855028) or email ([email protected]) away. You can reach us via our website too!

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Change to LED and save 70% on your lighting bill

LED lights

The world has changed a lot over the past few years, and energy prices have soared to scary levels.

At times like these, we all need to do everything we can to make savings, and that’s why upgrading your home and business lighting to more efficient LED should be at the top of everybody’s list.

Yes, it will require a small upfront investment to change over from conventional bulbs to Oliver Lamps’ high-quality LEDs because LEDs are a little bit more expensive, but the tremendous energy savings you’ll achieve are more than worth the expense.

Not only will changing to LED slash your lighting electricity consumption by up to 70%-80% over an energy-guzzling halogen or incandescent bulb, but LED bulbs last a lot longer too. Most LED bulbs have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours which, compared to the measly 1000 – 2000 hour lifespan of halogens and incandescents, means you shouldn’t have to splash out on a replacement LED until ten years after your original purchase! Don’t forget that all the lighting you buy from Oliver Lamps is fully guaranteed and covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, so in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong during that time, it will be replaced free of charge with absolutely no hassles.

Also, if you’re concerned about how much time and difficulty upgrading to LED will involve, most luminaires can be easily retrofitted with LED without having to replace the fitting. Just pop into our showroom, give us a call, or drop us an email if you’ve got any concerns or questions, and our expert team will tell you everything you need to know.

Finally, don’t forget that we also offer free site surveys for larger LED upgrades. All you’ve got to do is ask!

21st Century quality and savings with friendly, old-fashioned customer service

In these days of online shopping, click & collect, self-service and door-to-door delivery, buying the things you want has become an increasingly impersonal and contactless experience.

Sometimes that’s okay. For example, when it’s just your every day or weekly groceries you’re buying, it’s unlikely you’ll need any advice when you’re doing it, although there’s still a lot to be said for the face-to-face smiling service you’ll receive at a smaller shop as opposed to the stack ’em high-sell ‘em quick attitude you’ll get at most larger stores.

But, when it comes to a more involved purchase like home or business lighting, wouldn’t it be more reassuring to know that you’re getting your purchase right first time, and there will always be support available if something doesn’t work? Or that there will always be someone knowledgeable in-store or on the other end of the phone who can answer your questions and maybe even direct you to a better product for your needs?

Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that what you’ve bought is a genuine quality product, even though you might have to pay a little more for it (but not always)? After all, where’s the saving in paying cheaper for lower quality and then having to keep replacing it? That’s not the way to save your hard-earned money. On the contrary, it’s flushing your money down the drain.

A lot of people think a light bulb is just a light bulb, but not all light bulbs are created equal. Some are more efficient than others, some contain better components than others, and some have a more superior quality of light than others. Unless you’re an expert (like us), it’s usually impossible to detect the difference, but the cumulative effect of lesser quality light on your health and eyesight is huge. Whether you’re buying new LEDs for your home or workplace, study, shed, or children’s bedroom, don’t you want to be sure that you’re purchasing and living with the best quality light available?

You’ll always find the best-quality lighting combined with friendly, old-fashioned customer service and aftercare (plus competitive prices and terrific savings) at Oliver Lamps. It’s why we’ve got such a fantastic reputation and why so many of our satisfied customers keep coming back to us month after month, year after year, and sometimes even decade after decade!

For all your lighting needs, pop into our showroom at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, call us on 01328 855028, or email [email protected] to find out more. We’ll always be here with dazzling offers and illuminating advice to brighten your day!

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“Superb service” and speedy troubleshooting? It’s all in a day’s work at Oliver Lamps

superb lighting products

Sometimes, despite the best-laid plans, things go wrong. When that happens, the litmus test of whether you’re dealing with the right supplier or installer is how hard they’ll work to put the problem right.

(And, by the way, anyone who tells you that what they provide will never, ever go wrong is not to be trusted. Failures sometimes happen, especially where electrical appliances are concerned. That’s just a fact of life.)

Here’s an example of an unexpected issue we faced while working with a very big client just as COVID arrived and we had to act fast to correct it. If you’re currently working with an installer/supplier who isn’t Oliver Lamps, ask yourself this question while you read it: would your present installer do this for you too? If the answer’s no, get in touch and let’s talk!

A big job with a small timeframe

Our client had 3,000 halogen light bulbs they wanted to replace with energy-saving LEDs as quickly as possible, and all in one go so that it wouldn’t impact their daily operation. This was in early 2020, and just as we were about to visit the client to undertake the site survey the pandemic hit, which meant we couldn’t go to their premises in person. Instead, the client remotely took us through the building via a Zoom video chat so we could assess their needs and plan the installation remotely, which was far from an ideal situation. However, it did mean that, as soon as our team was allowed to go inside, we’d have everything we needed to get the job done.

Or so we thought.

The problem was when we were finally able to enter the building and replace and install the 3,000 lights, we discovered that a couple of the new LED bulbs didn’t work. As we mentioned in a recent blog, that occasionally happens but it’s very rare. In fact, when you do the maths and work out what the failure rate of two LEDs out of 3000 is, it comes to 0.0666666667%. When you consider that the lighting industry standard for LED lamp failure is 3%, and the industry standard for the ‘acceptable rate of failure’ of electronic devices is between 10%-15%, it gives you an idea of how tiny the problem we had to deal with was.

Still, even though it was a tiny failure rate, it still wasn’t acceptable. We’d made a commitment to the client to get everything installed without any glitches, and we were focused on keeping it.

We immediately contacted our supplier and asked them to send us replacement bulbs as a matter of urgency, so we could install them before our team left the site. That’s something we’re able to do, here at Oliver Lamps. In fact, when we select our partners and suppliers, ‘seamless efficiency’ and ‘fast response times’ are two boxes they’ve got to be able to tick.

The result? The replacement LEDs arrived on site the very next day which meant the mammoth task of replacing and installing 3000 lights was completed in the agreed timescale, and our client wasn’t aware there had even been an issue.

Of course, if the job had been a lot smaller – let’s say a conventional office building or sports hall with only a few dozen lights to install – our team probably wouldn’t have still been on site when the replacements arrived the next day. But, if that ever happens, we’ll always pull out all the stops to install the replacements asap or the lighting supplier will pay for the on-site installation as part of our partnership agreement. Either way, there’s no extra cost to the customer and the inconvenience is always kept to a minimum.

Something else to remember: our lighting is also covered by a seven-year manufacturer’s guarantee so if anything goes wrong within those seven years the appliance will be replaced with no questions asked and a new seven-year warranty will immediately take effect. That means you’ve always got peace of mind that if something unexpected kills your bulbs (the majority of LED failures are actually caused by extreme energy spikes, not by problems within the bulb itself) Oliver Lamps has always got you covered.

Here’s a quick testimonial from another very satisfied client:

We purchased product for an install at local council offices. Upon installation, one of the items failed. I called Colin @ Oliver Lamps, advised of the issue and the following day we had a replacement delivered directly to site! Meaning no time lost due to return visits to site. 

A superb service, resolved by one simple phone call.

Mark Worraker

Operations Director

J Cook LTD 

If you’d like to find out more about our first-class lighting and energy products and/or our expert and hassle-free installation service, give us a call on 01328 855028, send us an email at [email protected], or pop into our showroom at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, NR21 9DY. We’re looking forward to giving you top-quality products, high-quality service, and absolutely priceless peace of mind!

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Energy bill worries? Don’t get hoodwinked by cowboy deals

energy bill cowboys

Energy bills are rocketing. We’re all looking for the best ways to save money, and there are a lot of cowboys out there offering sensational energy deals that are too good to be true. Except the customers who fall for those deals don’t realise they’ve been sold a pig-in-a-poke until it’s too late, and by that time, the cowboys have galloped off into the sunset, and there’s usually nothing they can do about it.

Some deals are too good to be true

Right now, because of all the concern and confusion surrounding rising fuel prices and the increasing need to find cheaper, more sustainable forms of energy to keep our homes, vehicles, and businesses running, a lot of cowboys are taking full advantage of the situation by hooking people on energy solutions that seem like a great deal but are actually inferior products poorly installed with no degree of customer care and no follow-up service when things go wrong.

The same goes with products like lighting (bulbs, fittings, and/or installation); smart tech; home security; electrical appliances; even those fly-by-nights who show up at your door with an unbeatable offer to slash your energy bills by installing ultra-cheap super-duper new windows.

Please don’t fall for any of it.

The thing about cowboys is that they’re only focused on chasing the next job. They hook their victims in on price, deliver sub-standard results, and then move on quickly before word gets around what bandits they are.

How do you avoid getting ripped off by cowboys? It’s easy.

Only work with a company or a supplier that’s very well-established and has a reputation you can trust, like Oliver Lamps.

Oliver Lamps is a third-generation family-run business with over sixty years of experience in the lighting industry. When you buy lighting from us, you can be confident you’re purchasing the very best quality at the very best price. It’s precisely the same with everything else we offer, including EV charging, solar charging, and lighting installation; our knowledge, expertise, and customer service are second-to-none, and we only work with partners and suppliers who can guarantee the same.

Don’t focus on price at the expense of quality.

If you want good quality, you’ll probably have to pay a little more for it, but never forget that buying cheap is always buying twice. We’ve recently read a lot of stories in the newspapers and on social media sites like LinkedIn about people who purchased products a year ago and sometimes paid a hefty premium for, only to discover it’s a load of rubbish and the company that installed it has disappeared into thin air. That kind of scam is very, very big right now.

When you pay a little bit more money for quality, you’re saving a lot more money in the long run.

Buying from Oliver Lamps means you’re buying with the confidence you’re getting a high-quality product or service that is fully backed up by the full manufacturer guarantee. In the unlikely event that anything you purchase from us fails under warranty, you’ll be able to repair or replace it without any hassle. In fact, a lot of the product we install is also covered by a five- or seven-year warranty with the first one or two years covered on-site, giving you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, it will be put right quickly with no arguments.

Partnerships are the secret to our success

Oliver Lamps was founded when entrepreneurial publican Harold Oliver travelled to London to source elegant lighting for his north Norfolk gastropub. After talking with some of the lighting industry’s most prominent players, Harold didn’t just return with the high-quality bulbs he needed for the Rose & Crown; he’d also started to establish the partnerships that would take Harold and his wife, Muriel, on an utterly unexpected journey…

…founding Oliver Lamps and turning it into one of the UK’s most trusted and respected independent lighting specialists.

At Oliver Lamps, we take exceptional care in selecting the lighting suppliers, EV manufacturers, solar innovators, and other providers and artisans we work with. We do our research, we only work with partners who share the same high standards we do, and even though we’re a company with very old-fashioned values of quality and customer service, we’re never afraid to change things up to give our customers the best deals and results. Whatever you buy from us – whether it’s a single LED bulb, an EV charger, or a complete lighting installation – you’ll always receive the best quality, care, customer service, and after-sales support, not just from your team at Oliver Lamps, but from all of our partners and suppliers too.

You’ll also only have one point of contact if you’ve got any enquiries or something goes wrong, so you’ll never be given the run-around, and you’ll always know who to talk to to get the problem sorted. Not only that, but we’ll also always respond quickly and take full responsibility for putting things right.

And, while we’re on the subject of things going wrong…

If anyone says that what you buy from them will never go wrong, don’t believe it.

Because if you do, and when it goes wrong, you’ll either a) be left with something you can’t use anymore, that the company you bought it from won’t take responsibility for repairing or replacing, or b) have the hassle, stress, and inconvenience of going into a dispute with the company until your problem’s fixed… if it ever is.

There’s no use in pretending that failures never happen. Lights, EV chargers, smart tech etc., are all electronic and, like any other type of electronics you’d buy – a tv or a microwave, for example – they could go wrong at any time.

However, we can assure you that, in our experience, failures aren’t habitual. It’s extremely rare for one of our products to go wrong, but you won’t need to worry if it does. We’re there for you, we’ll give you our full support, and we’ll do whatever needs to be done to put it right. As we mentioned a moment ago, everything we supply also has full backup from the manufacturer, so you’re covered for every eventuality.

Even though we’re a small company, Oliver Lamps always gives you a lot more than you’d get anywhere else on the high street.

From the first moment you contact us or walk into our showroom, we’ll do everything we can to make you comfortable, answer your questions, provide what you need, and always be here to help. We’re highly responsive too. For example, our sales team recently received a lighting enquiry from a business, and we were able to visit their premises, make an inspection, go back to our warehouse and then return to the customer with a selection of different solutions all in the same day. That’s not the kind of service you’re likely to find elsewhere, and we’re very proud of it.

When it comes to LED lighting, EV charging, energy sustainability, smart tech, and home decoration, Oliver Lamps is your one-stop-shop! Just pop into our showroom at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, NR21 9DY, call us on 01328 855028, or send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll do the rest!

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How sustainable are you?

How sustainable are you?

A couple of weeks ago, it was Earth Day – a time to think about how sustainable we all are.

With everything else that’s going on in the news, you’d be forgiven for missing it, which is why we wanted to take a few moments to talk about it today.


Earth Day isn’t some trendy new ‘Let’s Jump on the Save the Planet’ bandwagon idea. 22nd April 2022 was Earth Day’s 52nd anniversary.

That’s more than half a century’s worth of Earth Days. Incredible, isn’t it?

Most people think issues like global warming, pollution, melting icecaps and shrinking habitats are subjects that only started appearing in headlines over the last twenty or so years, but scientists and environmentalists have been warning us about the irreversible damage our consumption of fossil fuels is doing to the Earth since April 22 1970.

What is Earth Day?

Every year on 22 April, over 1 billion people across more than 190 countries take action to raise awareness of the climate crisis and everything else we should be doing to keep our world clean, safe, and healthy for future generations. It’s a truly international day that’s solely devoted to our planet, promoting sustainability and conservation, and drawing attention to how we must stop and reverse all the damage we’re doing to our environment.

If you’re a regular customer or reader, you’ll know that encouraging sustainability, saving energy, and doing everything we can to minimise our global footprint are very important to all of us here at Oliver Lamps.

It’s why we’ve expanded our energy-efficiency offerings from LED to EV to Solar power and beyond because we want to make conserving, recycling, and using energy more efficiently as easy as possible for everybody.

We believe that one of the biggest obstacles preventing us all from doing our best to save the planet is that there’s just too much going on in our busy lives to think about it.

For example, when it comes to something that should be as simple as recycling your household waste and dividing what’s recyclable and what’s not between your different household bins… are you honestly doing it as carefully as you should?

Don’t feel guilty if you aren’t. Hardly anyone does, even though most of us want to.

Except life gets in the way. Like when you leave the lights on in an empty room or keep an electrical appliance on energy-guzzling standby because you’re already onto the next task, and it doesn’t even occur to you to flip the switch or press the ‘power off’ button.

But if you did, you’d be helping to conserve the Earth’s valuable resources, reduce toxic greenhouse gas emissions, and shave at least £120 a year off your energy bill. According to experts, you could save as much as £500 a year if you used all your lights and appliances more efficiently. And that doesn’t even factor in the incredible good you’d be doing for our environment.

That’s why Oliver Lamps wants to help you take all that hard sustainable work off your shoulders by becoming your go-to one-stop energy efficiency shop.

So you can cut your bills, make your life easier, and do your bit to save the planet every single day without even having to stop and think about it.

Our friendly team will always give you the very best advice on everything you need to do to reduce your bills and follow a more sustainable, energy-efficient lifestyle. Up to now, you may have thought you’re doing as much as you can to save energy and lower costs, but we bet we’ve got plenty of suggestions up our sleeve you haven’t thought about.

Not just suggestions but practical sustainable solutions you can take home and start using instantly, from a simple energy-saving LED bulb to the latest lighting and home security Smart tech. Or you could book a chat with our brilliant installation experts and find out how installing an EV charger on your premises won’t just save you money and save the planet; it could make you money too! Or what about harnessing the power of solar? Think again if you’ve never thought about installing solar because it feels too complicated and expensive. We’ve partnered with some of the UK and Europe’s leading recyclable energy innovators with the sole aim of making all this exciting technology more accessible and affordable for you. We’re going to tell you more about that in our next blog.

In the meantime, why not pop into our showroom at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, call us on 01328 855028, or email [email protected] to find out more? We’re looking forward to helping you make your world a cheaper, brighter, and more planet-friendly place!

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We are your one-stop renewable energy shop!

renewable energy

You don’t need to go anywhere else for your renewable energy needs when you’ve got Oliver Lamps to rely on.

For example, suppose you pop into our fabulous shop at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, NR21 9DY, to buy an LED bulb or check out our incredible range of Smart tech, light fittings, bespoke lampshades, or home furnishings. In that case, you could also find out about EV charging your home or business or harnessing all the awesome cost-saving power of solar energy.

Or, if you’ve got an energy-saving problem that needs solving, your friendly team at Oliver Lamps can help you with that too. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll definitely know somebody who will!

That’s because we work with an incredible number of trusted partners all over the UK. All of them are at the top of their field, whether it’s EV, solar, or any other kind of renewable energy innovation. Not to mention that our talented installation team also love a seemingly impossible mission – over the decades, we’ve designed and installed lighting for countless big and small office buildings, shops, warehouses, garages, churches, sporting arenas, concert halls, and other weird and wonderful venues. There’s absolutely no challenge you could give us that we or our partners won’t be able to tackle.

Here are a couple of recent examples

After they read one of our recent blogs, the owners of a popular Norfolk shopping and eating complex wanted to learn more about EV charging. That’s because, just like us, they’re passionate about offering their customers the very best services and facilities they can while cutting costs, generating invaluable extra revenue, and minimising their C02 footprint. They also wanted to take advantage of the OZEV workplace charging grant while it’s still available, and, considering how fast government policies and the global energy market are both changing right now, who can blame them for not hanging around? Although we all hope that the workplace charging grant won’t disappear anytime soon, why take that chance when we already know that petrol and diesel vehicles will be fazed out over the next decade? EV isn’t just the future; it’s happening today!

But they had a problem. Their electricity supply board was already running at full capacity, and they worried that installing EV chargers would tip them over the edge. So, they came to Oliver Lamps and asked if we had a solution.

After listening to their requirements, discussing their options, and working closely with one of our fantastic solar energy partners, we offered the client a simple but innovative solution that not only solves their capacity problem so they can install EV… it’s going to save them a lot of money across the rest of their business as well!

Want to know what it is? Let’s say that solar and EV work exceptionally well together, and solar panels aren’t just designed to go on the roof!

Another customer came to us, worried about their rising energy bill but convinced they couldn’t afford to get solar installed. A well-known company had already given them a quote that was well over £500k and, despite the fact they’d eventually make that money back (and much more) over the long term, that kind of up-front outlay just wasn’t feasible.

Working in partnership with our solar experts, we offered them a solution that was almost £100k cheaper than their first quote… something their accountants and bank manager were a lot more willing to get behind!

What’s the moral to these stories?

Whatever your renewable energy needs are and whatever obstacles seem to be holding you back, we’ll always be able to help you find a better solution. In the extremely rare circumstance that we can’t (which hasn’t happened yet), we’ll at least be able to point you in the right direction.

We have the country’s very best lighting and energy-saving experts on our team, and we’ve worked hard to develop close, trusting relationships with the UK’s (and Europe’s) leading renewable energy partners and suppliers.

And that’s why Oliver Lamps really are your one-stop lighting and renewable energy shop!

To find out more, give us a call on 01328 855028, drop us an email at [email protected], or visit our showroom and say hello. Whatever your question or concern, no matter how big or small your problem, our friendly team will always be here to help you!

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Did you know you can charge your electric vehicle via solar power?

Oliver Lamps solar power

Let’s start with the bad news. As we write this, there are petrol and diesel shortages across the U.K. If you drive a conventional gas-guzzling motor and you’re lucky enough to find a garage that’s got any petrol or diesel, filling up your tank will cost you a small fortune. And, before you even get to fill up your tank, you’ll almost certainly be stuck in a queue of unhappy drivers who are desperately trying to fill their tanks up as well. But look on the bright side, at least the sun’s been shining.

Now, the fantastic news. If you drive an electric car, the petrol and diesel shortages won’t affect you. You’ll be reducing your carbon footprint, saving a heap of money, and if your electric car is entirely electric, you currently won’t have to pay any road tax. Even if it’s a hybrid vehicle, your road tax will be considerably reduced.

Plus, while you drive past that long queue of frustrated petrolheads in the brilliant sunshine, you could have the added satisfaction of knowing that all that lovely solar energy will be getting stored up for your E.V. charger, ready to ‘fuel up’ your electric car overnight.

That’s right. You can use solar power to charge your electric car!

All you have to do is get in touch with Oliver Lamps and we’ll tell you how!

Oliver Lamps has gone solar.

On top of all the other fabulous energy-saving innovations we offer, Oliver Lamps have teamed up with the U.K.’s brightest solar energy experts so that you can tap into the power of sunlight too!

Solar isn’t something we’ve talked about before, but it’s a part of our business that’s quickly becoming huge. More than one million households across the country already rely on solar energy and – wait for it – there are currently six times more public E.V. charging points than there are petrol pumps in the U.K., with around two hundred more public charge points being installed every week… and that doesn’t even take into account the rapidly growing number of E.V. home charger installations!

It’s not hard to see why so many businesses and homeowners are jumping on the solar bandwagon. With the alarming and seemingly never-ending rise in energy prices, not to mention the growing shortage of fossil fuels and the incredible damage those fossil fuels are inflicting on our planet, making the change to cheaper, more sustainable, and environmentally friendly sources of energy has become more important than ever.

Also, as we mentioned in our previous blog, installing an E.V. charger could generate an invaluable revenue stream for your business. Plus, if you’ve got solar panels on your business or home, you might be eligible to apply for The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), a government scheme that pays businesses and homeowners for the excess renewable electricity they generate and put back into the National Grid.

How does solar energy work?

Solar energy is drawn from the electromagnetic radiation of the sun. It is renewable, sustainable, inexhaustible, and entirely free of charge. Solar energy generates heat and electricity by (most commonly) using a solar P.V. (Photovoltaic cell) panel to absorb and concentrate the sun’s light and heat.

What are the main advantages of solar energy?

  • Solar energy is renewable, free of charge, and 100% inexhaustible.
  • There are no toxic or air-polluting emissions and no greenhouse gases.
  • Using solar energy will help the fight against climate change.
  • Using solar energy will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, the electricity grid, and natural gas.
  • Solar energy is a rapidly growing industry, creating employment and wealth.

What are the disadvantages of solar energy?

  • The initial cost of installation (although grants are available)
  • Location; i.e. some parts of the country get more sunlight than others.

Having said that, solar panels can still work reasonably well in cloudy weather and – despite the traditional view that the U.K. isn’t especially sunny – we do receive approximately 60% of the equivalent solar radiation found at the Equator. Also, solar panels work more effectively in temperate regions than in very hot countries, which means the U.K. is the perfect place to take advantage of solar energy!

Stand by for some trivia!

  • Under average U.K. weather conditions, one kilowatt of solar panels should generate between 700-900 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year.
  • In 2020, renewable energy – solar, wind, hydro, and biomass – overtook fossil fuels to become the U.K.’s leading energy source.
  • Solar power is the third most generated renewable energy in the U.K., after wind and biomass.
  • According to the U.K. government’s Digest of U.K. Energy Statistics (2020), solar P.V. energy makes up 28% of the U.K.’s renewable energy mix. In 2011, it only made up 1%. What a difference nine years makes!
  • The U.K. has a combined capacity of 13.26 GW of solar P.V. power, which is enough for three million households.
  • If we all worked together to treble the U.K.’s solar energy capacity, total U.K. carbon emissions could be cut by 21.2 million tonnes per year by 2030. And what else is happening in 2030? That’s when the U.K. will end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans!
  • The U.K. is currently No.8 in the global ranking for the use of solar energy… and, thanks to the solar geniuses who work with Oliver Lamps, we’re moving closer to the top of that ranking every year!

Want to know more?

Just give our friendly, expert team a call on 01328 855028 or drop us an email at [email protected], and we’ll do the rest. Even though it’s getting busy for the bright sparks in our showroom and our experts and installers in the outside world, we’ve always got time for you!

P.S. Don’t forget our showroom is at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, NR21 9DY. If you’re in the area, please pop in and say hello!

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Did you know that Oliver Lamps can help you with EV charging?

Did you know that Oliver Lamps can help you with EV charging

Let’s talk EV charging. Over the past few months, we’ve already seen power charges rise significantly across the UK. Considering the tragic events currently taking place less than two thousand miles away in Ukraine, it’s almost certain that the energy situation is going to get worse.

In fact, when the EU leaders met in Versailles a few days ago, the need for everyone to do as much as we can to conserve energy and look for better ways to use sustainable, renewable energy in our homes and businesses was something they underlined.

It’s no wonder that the electric vehicle market is growing at an incredible rate, especially when you consider that the UK will end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030, and all new cars and vans will be fully zero-emission from 2035.

If you’ve already taken the important energy-and-cost-saving step into EV or are thinking about doing so, Oliver Lamps can help! Plus, if you’re installing EV for your business, we can show you how to monetise it to help take the sting out of those nightmarishly accelerating power charges!

How can we do that?

It’s simple. Thanks to the excellent relationships we’ve built with the UK’s best EV charging station manufacturers, plus an exciting new relationship we’ve developed with one of Scandinavia’s top EV suppliers, we can offer you outstanding terms on EV charger installation! Plus, if you install your chargers now, we can help you take full advantage of the government’s OZEV (Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles) Workplace Charging Scheme grant. We’ll even apply for the grant on your behalf, so you won’t have the pain of doing all that paperwork yourself, and you’ll have peace of mind that your EV installation is in the safest, most expert hands possible.

What’s the OZEV Workplace Charging Scheme grant?

The OZEV scheme for workplace electric vehicle charging means your business will be eligible to receive grant funding for up to 40 charge points at your premises. That means you’ll receive up to £350 per installed chargepoint, which will considerably reduce your initial outlay of costs and might even cover the cost of the install completely!

Plus, if you install a single chargepoint that has two guns, that counts as two chargepoints, so you’ll be able to recover up to £700 for it!

The only essential thing to remember is; you must agree to apply for the workplace charging grant before the charge points are installed. You can’t do it retrospectively.

No need to worry, though. We’ll walk you through the terms and conditions when you contact us, and we’ll do all the hard work for you!

How can an EV chargepoint generate revenue for your business?

It’s simple. Let’s say you’re a pub, hotel, or B&B with a chargepoint installed. When an electric vehicle driver wants to charge their car or van at your chargepoint, they’ll swipe their contactless card or use an app to instantly pay you for the power they’re using. So, suppose your electricity supplier charges you (for example) 30p per kilowatt-hour. In that case, you could set your customer 50p (or whatever you decide it should be) per kilowatt-hour for using your chargepoint! That’s money that goes straight back into your business!

Considering that some hospitality clients we work with are expecting to pay an extra £50k or more in energy prices this year, that’s truly a cash injection lifeline! Also, let’s face it, every business needs all the financial assistance it can get right now, and installing EV is a guaranteed way to make that happen.

What are the four key benefits of installing an EV charger?

1.     It’s an invaluable revenue generator.

2.     It’s something you can do to help your business right now, and at the same time, you’ll be future-proofing your business for the years ahead. 2030 is just around the corner, so doesn’t it make sense to embrace EV today and stay ahead of your competition?

3.     The OZEV Workplace Charging grant is available now and could potentially pay for your entire installation. There’s no guarantee it will still be around in another few months, so please don’t miss out.

4.     It gives your business added value. When your customers know you’ve got EV chargepoints installed, it underlines how you’re going the extra mile to make their lives easier and help to create a better, more environmentally friendly future for all of us. It’s a great social media selling-point too!

Other things to remember.

·      Oliver Lamps offers national EV installation coverage! Even though we’re based in Norfolk, we can arrange your installation and apply for the grant on your behalf wherever you are in the country.

·      You won’t have to wait ages for your installation! As soon as you contact us and give us the go-ahead, we’ll get everything arranged, and your grant application sorted.

·      EV is more important than ever! Oil and diesel aren’t just expensive, unsustainable and toxic, they’re a rapidly dwindling resource, and vehicle manufacturers are fazing them out in 2030. Eight years isn’t a long time. Remember when Donald Trump won the US election? That was six years ago! Don’t let the 2030 faze-out sneak up on you and lose your opportunity to claim the OZEV grant. Make the change to EV now!

What should you do next?

Give us a call on 01328 855028 or drop us an email at [email protected]. Our friendly, expert EV installation team are standing by to assist you.

PS. If you’re a homeowner who’s thinking about installing an EV chargepoint, you may already know that the government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) has just ended. The (hopefully) good news is we’ve heard a rumour that something else will replace the Homecharge grant in the future, but what it’s going to be, who knows? Rest assured, though, as soon as anything changes we’ll keep you enlightened!


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Could you do more to help save the planet?

can you do more to save the planet_

When you see the news headlines, it’s easy to feel like there’s not a lot you can control in this world.

But one thing you can control is the impact you’re having on it so that our planet will be healthier for generations to come.

That’s something we’ve always focused on here, at Oliver Lamps. And, if you haven’t joined us yet, this is the perfect time to get involved – especially if you’re a fan of a particular animal whose habitat is endangered because of what we’re doing to its environment.

Why we’re taking Climate Action

Climate Action is one of the 17 Global Goals that all the United Nation’s Member States signed up to back in 2015. The Global Goals are designed to tackle issues like climate change, gender equality, and poverty, and businesses throughout the UN have been encouraged to sign up to at least one or two of the goals and make the world a better place.

The goal we’ve signed up to is called SDG 13 – Climate Action.

  • We always turn off the lights when we’re not using them, except sometimes in our window display. However, because the lights we use in our window display (and the rest of the business) are LED, the amount of energy they use is extremely minimal.
  • We turn off our computers and other appliances at the end of the day (unless it’s necessary to keep them on standby). Whenever we replace an electrical item, we always choose an energy-efficient product whenever possible.
  • We do our best to be environmentally friendly in everything we do. We recycle all our packaging or use other companies’ packaging to reduce waste, and we use the carbon-neutral delivery service DPDgroup to carry our products to our customers.
  • We can help you with your recycling too! If you ever throw out any of your old light bulbs – even the ones that no longer work – bring them into our showroom at 26/28 Oak Street, Fakenham, and we’ll recycle them for you.
  • We’re leading the way with electric car charging in Norfolk! Electric cars aren’t just greener than other vehicles because of their much lower emissions; they’re more energy-efficient and easier to maintain too. At Oliver Lamps, we can help you take charge of all your electric car charging needs, including fully warranted approved installation, access to grants, and unbeatable finance options. We’ll tell you more about this exciting new initiative very soon but, if you can’t wait, call our expert team on 01328 855028 and select Option 3.

The important things to know about bulb recycling

If you can’t bring your old bulbs into our shop, here’s what you need to know to dispose of them safely.

What kind of light bulb is it?

All LED bulbs should be recycled, not thrown into your ordinary garbage bin. That’s because, even though they’re safer to use than other bulbs and are much more energy-efficient, they do contain hazardous elements like arsenic and lead. For that reason, it’s vital that LED bulbs don’t enter the normal waste cycle.

Just as importantly, LED bulbs are made up of invaluable components like diodes, transformers, and semiconductors that need to be recycled so they can be reused in new products. They also contain rare earth elements and metals like gallium and indium. Recycling the glass of an LED bulb is essential too.

Incandescent bulbs don’t just drain energy and drive up your power bill; they can also be challenging to recycle because fewer recycling plants are able to process them. If you can’t bring your old incandescent bulb to us so that we can send it to the proper recycling specialists for you, wrap it up carefully and put it in your regular household bin. Please avoid putting incandescent bulbs in your recycling bin because they’ve got a higher melting temperature than other glass or bottles, and all it takes is one incandescent bulb and you’ve potentially ruined a whole collection of recyclable glass.

If it’s a fluorescent light bulb, it can create a severe health hazard for both ourselves and our environment if it isn’t disposed of properly.

  • The bulb should be carefully broken.
  • It should be washed to remove any contaminants.
  • A Distiller should be used to extract the elemental mercury.
  • The glass, metals and plastics should be broken down into even smaller pieces and then separated before sending them to recycling.

See why it’s a lot easier and quicker just to bring them to us instead?!

Join Oliver Lamps, and let’s save the planet together!

If you’d like to know more about how LED lighting can make your home or business environmentally friendly, sustainable, and a lot cheaper to run, pop into our shop, give us a call (01328 855028) or drop us an email ([email protected].) We’ll always be here to help you make the world a brighter, healthier place!