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Announcing our exciting new partnership

EV charging partnership

You already trust Oliver Lamps to supply you with the very best in LED and conventional lighting.

If you read our last blog, you’ll also know that we can make installing EV charging painless and very competitively priced for you too. And, if you act now and take advantage of the government’s OZEV Workplace Charging grant while it’s still available, you might even cover the costs of installing EV on your business premises completely! Even if the grant doesn’t cover all the costs, you’ll still receive up to £350 per installed chargepoint, which will take an enormous sting out of the bill… and you won’t have to do a thing to get it! We’ll take care of the installation and all the headachey grant application paperwork for you!

All you’ll have to do is enjoy the incredible energy efficiencies and revenue generation your new EV chargepoints will give you, plus the peace of mind that you’re doing something essential and beneficial for the planet.

So, to make all that happen, doesn’t it make sense that we’d want to team up with an EV charging manufacturer that’s just as innovative, customer-focused and environmentally responsible as we are?

That’s why we’re so excited to be working in partnership with Zaptec, the Norwegian EV pioneers who are bringing the very best cutting-edge charging technology from the coast of Norway to the rest of the world!

“Zaptec who???”

Although they’re relatively new to the rapidly growing EV market, Zaptec succeeded in becoming the leading supplier in the Norwegian corporate market in just two years. Since then, they’ve established offices in Sweden, Switzerland, France, Denmark and Germany… and now it’s the UK’s turn.

And who are one of the first UK companies Zaptec wanted to partner with? We are!

At Oliver Lamps, we’ve nurtured fantastic relationships with all the major EV manufacturers, and we’re proud to install their products too. Still, we wanted to give Zaptec a special nod today because most people in the UK haven’t heard of them yet.

Trust us, though; you will very soon!

Oliver Lamps+Zaptec = the perfect EV combination!

Just like we’re always doing our best to help the environment and tackle climate change by championing energy-saving LED lighting, recycling everything we can and using a carbon-neutral delivery service to transport our products to customers (among lots of other initiatives), Zaptec are also focused on changing the world for the better by creating a more sustainable, electrical future.

Zaptec are passionate about building a greener world and enabling more efficient ways to travel while still celebrating everything that makes us human. As humans, travel and exploration are in our blood, and one of the main objections people raise when they think about electric vehicles and sustainable transport is… but what’s the point? You’ll never be able to drive very far on a single charge, and you’ll be constantly stressed out, worrying that your car or van will run out of juice before you can reach your destination (or the nearest chargepoint) in time.

The truth is, that’s not the case anymore!

The latest electric vehicles can travel a surprisingly long way on a single charge, and the growth explosion in the EV market means that chargepoints are popping up at garages, hotels, pubs, and other businesses, literally everywhere. That’s why Zaptec were so keen to work with us, and we were eager to work with them, because we want to do everything we can to help build the UK’s EV infrastructure and make EV charging something that all our customers can benefit from.

Whether you’re taking a quick jaunt to the shops or carrying an essential delivery to the other end of the country, Oliver Lamps and Zaptec are passionate about being the power behind your journey. How do we do that? It’s simple!

  • Zaptec offers leading-edge, green-tech charging solutions that combine the latest technology with intuitive, human-centred design…
  • …and Oliver Lamps takes control of everything from locating the best place for your chargepoints to go, arranging the seamless, hassle-free installation, and applying for the OZEV grant on your behalf. All you have to do is agree to apply for the grant before the chargepoints are installed because the government doesn’t allow us to apply on your behalf retrospectively.

Don’t forget that means you’ll save up to £350 per chargepoint! If you install a single chargepoint with two guns, that counts as two chargepoints, so you could recover as much as £700!

What are the benefits of installing EV on your premises?

It can generate your business a lot of extra revenue. You’re in complete control of how much you charge drivers for using your chargepoint, so once your electricity supplier has taken their cut, you can put the rest of that money straight back into your business!

It gives your business added value by showing your clients and customers how forward-thinking and environmentally responsible you are. Installing chargepoints for extra revenue also demonstrates a lot of financial savvy, which will keep your bank and shareholders happy as well!

It’s always wise to future-proof yourself as early as possible, so you’ll already be ahead of your competition when electric vehicles become the norm.

In 2030, the UK will end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans, and all new cars and vans will be fully zero-emission from 2035. The electric future’s coming. Doesn’t it make sense to be ready for it now (while the EV grants are available) instead of later, when charger and installation costs will no doubt go through the roof, and installers will be so run off their feet you’ll probably have to wait months for your chargers to arrive?

Here, at Oliver Lamps, we’re as passionate about helping your business innovate with EV as we are about providing high-quality lighting services. By working in partnership with Zaptec, and all our other great EV suppliers, you can rest assured we’re doing everything we can to make your EV journey as efficient and stress-free as possible.

All you’ve got to do is call us on 01328 855028 or drop us an email at [email protected], and our friendly EV experts will sort out the rest!

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